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My name is Meg Fordyce, and I have spent the last two and a half years of my life studying all around the globe! I originally started this blog to 1) share my experience of my gap year and 2) mainly in hopes to inspire at least one person to break free from any limitations that hold them back. My journey started long before I left the United States and lived abroad for the first time, but for time's sake, we'll start there. I graduated from a Texas, U.S. high school in 2017, and continued on to Thinking Beyond Borders' Global Gap year. I am now studying global studies with LIU Global, a unique four year study abroad program. Some things to know about me; I love my orange juice freshly squeezed, I enjoy birding, and I try to live by my environmental values yet often fail, and Now with my blog, I want to dive, swim in , and contribute to the perspective pool that we call culture, society, reality, etc. My only hope is that my blog affects just one person, anywhere in the world, in a positive way. Enjoy <3

Featured Posts and Pages:

The Biodegradable Band-Aid

Thinking Beyond Borders' Global Gap Year 2017-18

In addition to my blog posts, I''ll also provide external links to mediums in which I attempt to share my experience. I have made several videos documenting/expressing some experiences abroad:

My experience in Guatemala
My experience in Thailand
My experience in Cambodia, Ghana, and Morocco

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